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Jajah hooks up with eHarmony

The Jajah team pulled off a bit of a coup yesterday, announcing a relationship with eHarmony which will see the dating site deploy Jajah click-to-call buttons on users profiles.  The idea is that users will be able to click and have an immediate call with a potential relationship interest.

As the Red Herring article points out, it is these kinds of new services that are the future of voice, and not commodity service.  In this case, the Jajah API (which apparently few companies know about) is being used to weave telephony into the basic business processes of eHarmony.  The services stack has flipped upside down. Where voice calling, in a Voice 1.0 world, was the application, in a Voice 2.0 world the application is the application (dating, in this case) and Voice is simply a service supplied to the application.

Very cool.  Nicely done Jajah team.  It's a lesson that SunRocket should have learned. 

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