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Jeff drops LinkedIn

I watched Jeff Pulver's Facebook status updates all day yesterday from my BlackBerry, as he spent his entire day networking inside the popular social networking portal.  It's no surprise to me this morning that he has pulled the plug on LinkedIn, deciding not to accept any new LinkedIn requests, and has moved all his social networking (both business and personal) to Facebook.  He obviously gets a lot more value from Facebook.  Having built a large LinkedIn network, I find myself primarily acting as a conduit for others requests, rather than getting high value from LinkedIn myself.  While I am not ready to pull the plug on LinkedIn, I too am finding Facebook a much more valuable and interesting portal because of the richness of the interactions.

Part of the problem might be LinkedIn's FOAF / Mediation model.  In the world of LinkedIn, connections are created by intermediaries.  In the world of Facebook, when someone sends you a message, you can see for yourself who you know in common.  It's a more open and perhaps more natural model than asking others for endorsements and doesn't place the burden on the person with the connections. 

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