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Canadians need some fibre in their telecom diet

In 1992 a futurist, who's name I've long forgotten, came and gave a talk to Microsoft Canada's national sales meeting.  During his talk he made outlandish claims such as this one — "a day will come when will be faster to boot your PC from a networked server halfway round the world than a local hard disk". 

Mark Goldberg asks which Canadian ILEC will step up to the plate and deliver fibre to the home.  As he points out, it's hard to know in the current "financial engineering" climate.  Most of us will be doomed to 6 megabit DSL for some time to come.  The world of Peter Löthberg's mum seems a far off fantasy for Canadians.  She's got a 40 Gigabit connection to her house (it's a demo) that has the Swedes agog.  Imagine, my Canadian brothers and sisters, being able to "flick through 1500 high definition channels simultaneously, or download a full high definition DVD in just two seconds."

… or boot your PC from a server halfway round the world. 



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