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The Village Idiot

Driving through Manotick these days you will notice that every third lawn sports a sign that says "The Village Speaks".  It's part of a campaign to prevent Minto, a large developer, from building an additional 2000 homes on the south side of Manotick. Minto's plan would more than double the size of the village, and we simply don't have the infrastructure — roads, sewers, and shops — to accomodate another 2000 homes. 

Whoever dreamt up this slogan should be shot.  It means absolutely nothing.  Nada! I've been awfully tempted to take a quick stroll around some night, magic marker in hand, and change a few to read "The Village Idiot Speaks". It would be fun, and the signs would be no more or less meaningful than they are now!

Slogans and taglines should be immediate, obvious and compelling.  If they're an inside joke, then you've wasted your money.


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