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Grand Central acquisition shows Google’s hand.

After all the attention that Grand Central has received, the rumour on the street is that they may have been acquired by Google for a cool $50 million. If true, it reveals a lot more of Google's hand than we've seen previously.  Until now, they've studiously avoided any knd of service which connects them directly with the PSTN.  GoogleTalk famously relies on third parties to provide origination and termination services.  With Grand Central in the mix, however, that would no longer be true.  Grand Central's message of One Phone Number, for life also fits nicely with Google's aspirations to be your one mailbox, and online identity resource. 

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  • Keith June 25, 2007, 2:28 pm

    I hope this is true. As a GC user from Day 1, I view this as a great step forward. I rely on my GC for work nd personal and they have been rock solid.

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