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From the Labs @ Enterprise 2.0

From the Labs is one of those sessions that I just love to see.  Researchers from Brightcom, IBM and SAP were on stage showing their "experiments" — technologies that they've got in the labs, that they agreed to come and show.

Brightcom's research project was about future generations of telepresence.  Rather than focus on high definition video, their assertion is that the future will be telepresence delivered via immersive worlds (like Second Life).  They showed some mock-ups of that hyper realistic immersive world, and then… ran a little "experiment" within second life. 

IBM's Many-Eyes is a tool for data visualization.  You can use it to easily visualize and manipulate huge data sets… and use social tools to comment on it.

SAP showed a widget set and tools that they're building to allow companies to deploy business data directly to the desktop.  They propose to build a distribution mechanism like Facebook's feed which will surface which users in the organization are using which widgets. 

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