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News of the week

While I've been rebuilding PC's this week, a lot has been going on.  Some of what caught my eye includes: 

The Skype Journal has been at the Skype Ebay Devcon.  Among the more notable items:

  • Jim Courtney's discovery of IM+ for Skype.  If you need access to your Skype buddy list, and to be able to make Skype calls from Blackberry, this is the solution for you.  He and I exchanged IM notes, and then the next day I got a call from Dan York made via IM+ for Skype.  Interestingly enough, it appeared to be a conference between Dan York, his mobile, and my PC.  Haven't figured out yet how that works.
  • With the launch of the Skype 3.5 beta, you can now transfer calls to the PSTN.  This is a crucial feature which will unlock a range of new applications.  We've been waiting for this for a long time at iotum, but it comes rather late as our development efforts have shifted to presence and mobility.

Meanwhile, Ken Camp has written a couple of lengthy posts (#1 and #2) on the new Jaiku client for series 60.  Suffice it to say, they're worth a read if you're interested in attention economics. 

And lastly, at iotum we slipped our first new Talk-Now release out in several weeks.  More on that in a post later today.  

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