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Mobile video might possibly, maybe…

This morning Techmeme surfaced a news release put out yesterday on Businesswire that came with the following headline: The Number of Customers Actually Purchasing Mobile Video Service Could Climb from Only Five Million at the End of 2006 to Almost 80 Million by the End of 2012. I had to reread the headline twice, just to make sure it wasn't a Dave Berry humor piece. 

Irish analyst firm Research and Markets put the piece out to promote their new report titled New Video Dynamics: Outlook for Mobile Video.  Now, aside from the fact that I remain personally skeptical that people will actually pay for downloaded video clips, one has to wonder what they were thinking when they crafted a headline that conveys that those rare customers who purchase video today might possibly climb from paltry to a reasonably respectable number by 2012.  Aren't analysts supposed to make authoritative statements?

Here's a test for you… see if you can read the headline using the same voice that John Cleese uses in Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch… and not laugh.

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