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Securit’s Ottawa Grand Opening

A couple of days ago a media advisory for the Grand Opening of Securit's new records management / document storage facility in Ottawa crossed my desk.  A little off-topic for this blog, I was nevertheless curious.  iotum makes regular backups to DVD which are stored offsite, but I wondered if there might be a more efficient way to do this — perhaps electronically. So, I arranged to speak with Jamie Manion, the Ottawa general manager for Securit.

Securit is in the information security business.  They have two product offerings — one is document destruction via their Shredit subsidiary, and the other is records management.  Their customers run the gamut from health care, to government and private business.  Currently they have document storage facilities in every major center in Canada, and are expanding into the US.  Their document destruction business, Shredit, is global.

The new Ottawa facility replaces an older rented facility.  It's a state-of-the-art six storey records management facility, with climate controls, sprinklers, a media vault, and the like. "Everyone who walks through the door is awestruck," said Jamie. "It's a jaw-dropping experience." As Jamie described it, I couldn't help but be interested in seeing more of this massive facility.

And as for electronic storage, Jamie says "e-vaulting" is a future product line they're looking into.

If you'd like to see the facility, or learn more about this Canadian success story, Securit is having a grand opening party on June 28th.  Members of their 52 person staff will be on hand to answer questions, as well as Securit founder Greg Brophy.  More details here.

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  • Hugh Smith June 14, 2007, 9:47 am

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    The new approach to media vaulting is represented by a new web site http://www.securemediavaults.com which is being develop to meet the needs of current legislation which absolutely mandates integrity for media assets.

    Server Vaults and Evaulting are migrating to these same chambers. FIRELOCK just installed one such facility in Winnipeg.

    As you can see from the locator chart in both sites, there is an entirely new approach to protecting media in mass quantities. Redundant is no longer sufficient. If a company is taking media into their facility and charging you for the service you have the right to ask "What am I paying for?"

    Class 125 Fire Ratings, are required per code for computer media; and, Environmental Control that will ensure the media remains stable and, a clean agent fire suppression system that will not damage the media.Vaults that offer this level of protection are Listed and Labeled to ensure the client receives the protection they are paying for.

    Sophisticated Canadians should hear about this type of technology.


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