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Vringo moves stateside

Israeli video ringtone company Vringo just announced that they're opening a US office.  I haven't tried this app — it's in private beta.  It sounds pretty cool though.  With Vringo you will be able to share video ringtones.  Available later this year, according to the press release.

How easy is it going to be play those ringtones, though?  After all, although more and more phones are arriving which are video capable, the stranglehold which carriers have on distribution and content means you may not actually be able to get the phone you want.  The open access proposal in front of the FCC would address that, but you can expect the incumbents to fight it as hard as possible.

It begs the question: as mobile innovators continue to crank out new products, where will they sell them?

It boggles the mind, and cries out for a firm hand on the wheel to reform the wireless business.


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