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A Road Warrior’s lament

Andy pinged me yesterday with his road warrior's wish list.  He travels an awful lot more than I do, but even so, the first three of these struck a real chord:

1. Real Broadband–1.5 megs or more to my room symmetrically. Anything less and its no fun.

2. Wired and Wireless in Room Access– The ability to plug my travel router in so I can use multiple devices over the Internet connection such as a WiFi phone, dual mode phone, Nokia N800 Internet Tablet or a second PC when traveling with my wife to be.

3. Power Outlets near the bed and extra power outlets in the room to charge things like cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, GPS, etc.

Most hotels have lousy broadband, and just not enough power.  Travelling light doesn't mean carrying power strips for the extra electronics.

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  • Martyn Davies June 7, 2007, 3:54 am

    I've found that as many things can charge from USB now, I increasingly carry a collection of USB cables and my laptop has become a kind of super 'power brick'. Of course now if I tried to travel without my laptop, everything else would run out of power…

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