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Jajah scores again. Bags Deutsche Telekom.

Jajah has scored again, this time adding Deutsche Telekom as an investor and customer.  IDC analyst Will Stofega sees Deutsche Telekom's move as a strategic way to gain access to innovative new technologies, saying:

"At the end of the day these upstarts aren't going to go out and build new networks," he said. "Meanwhile, the telcos need help from companies like Jajah on the innovation side."

It's intriguing to contrast Deutsche Telekom's move to incorporate services from Jajah, with Orange's service offerings including VoIP on WiFi.  Two different approaches, perhaps trying to solve two different albeit similar problems.  It seems Jajah is also looking at VoWiFi solutions, however.  Check out this blog entry from last week showing Jajah on the T-Mobile Wing.

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