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Analytics in social systems

Mike Gotta, writing about the role of analytics in social systems, has posted a pretty neat view of what the ideal collective intelligence system built around social networks would be. He has mashed together a whole series of products and ideas from different people (including the New Presence manifesto) to produce this view of the world:

  • Take what's going on in my life
  • add more context about what I am doing
  • in the context of my interaction patterns
  • correlate everything in an intelligent manner
  • continue to analyze continuously, both past and present
  • discover what's important to me, even if i may not know it
  • augment that information before you communicate it to me
  • signal such information or messages relevant to my work context and focus
  • in a manner that is aware of my attention priorities

I'd paraphrase this to three phases for how intelligent systems can help us be more effective.  They gather information and analyze it in context, discover what's valuable, and then deliver that information using appropriate media and at appropriate times.  That's been our focus (in the domain of real time communications) at iotum since day 1.  Mike has neatly generalized what we do to all information systems.

Facebook is a great example of a tool trying to do this today.  Billing itself as a social utility, it lets you aggregate information from the people you care about, and control the way it is presented to you.  It allows you to selectively dip into the traffic and flow of your social network in a way that fits your needs.  That's the beauty of it, and the reason I switched from Twitter and from Jaiku. 

Go read Mike's whole post. 

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  • Dan York May 24, 2007, 2:15 am


    Thanks for the pointers… it's very much in line with a blog entry that has been running around in my head for a while that I really need to find the time to write. Our online identities are really becoming an amalgamation of all of our different services, feeds, etc. It'd definitely an interesting time to be involved.


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