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Martin to AT&T and Qwest – Service the customer or face legal action!

In what surely must feel like vindication for the iowa LECs, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is threatening legal action if any more calls are blocked.  And no degrading or otherwise interfering with the service either, he says!  That addresses two of the most disturbing complaints that the iowa's have levied. 

What's left unaddressed is the resolution of the millions of dollars in unpaid bills.

On whether or not the FCC would force AT&T and Qwest to pay disputed access-charge bills, Martin said that was a separate issue, and covered by petitioning processes that might take further time to resolve. “If you have a dispute about the intercarrier compensation rules, you can file petitions, and come to the commission to get redress,” Martin said. “But you can’t just stop letting consumers make those calls.”

You can't just stop letting consumer make those calls.  Exactly!

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