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Photosynth: A browser for linking and viewing photos.

Imagine millions of images, with hyperlinks based on the actual image content constructed between them. Then imagine a browser capable of navigating those images in a 3 dimensional space. I can’t really describe what you’re about to see, properly, so please just jump down and push the play button below to see the demo of Microsoft Photosynth. Hat tip to Dean Collins for pointing it out to me.

Oh, and when can I have it?

Waaay cool.

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  • jules May 3, 2007, 3:49 am

    OH my.
    I love that. I am such a miserable tagger. Even *I* can't find stuff I've put on Flickr 😉 The idea of being able to see thousands of similar photographs is unbelieveable – in theory, we could be able to see the whole world in 3D through photographs.

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