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Twitter's competition is Facebook

Contrary to the bloggerati's chatter from a few weeks ago, Twitter's biggest competitor is not Jaiku.    Rather, it's Facebook.  With Facebook's new ability to update via SMS, Facebook is Twitter plus:

  • aggregated feeds from outside sources
  • significant personal / professional profile information available from members
  • large networks of friends to draw from
  • events, and groups to participate in
  • conversation threads
  • fine-grained privacy control
  • a large audience already acquired

… and the list goes on.  As others have noticed, it's a killer combination.

Yes, it's true that Facebook can't deliver updates to my IM client the way that Twitter can (or at least, I haven't found that feature yet), but I am personally about to turn that feature on Twitter off.  While it's interesting to get a real time stream of tweets from my friend, it's also a disturbance during meetings, and actually interferes with getting real work done on the mobile phone. 

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