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Talk-Now Update adds new features

We slipped out another update to Talk-Now, last night.  And, we're particularly proud of it because it's got one of the most asked for features that we've built yet.  For the first time, Talk-Now can not only notify you when the person you wish to speak with becomes available, it can also notify that person that you are waiting to speak with them and what you want to speak about. 

The SIP standard has contemplated the idea of a Subject line on phone calls since practically its inception.  The BlackBerry, however, with its qwerty keyboard is one of the only practical devices for implementing the subject feature.  I can't imagine using even T9 input to add a subject line to call requests on a traditional 12 key touch-tone phone pad. 

In order to do this, we made some substantial changes to the UI.  The Talk-Now Notify window has been replaced with an area titled Conversations, which now has a To-Call list (the list of people you are trying to reach) and a "Waiting to Talk to Me" list, which is the list people trying to reach you.  It also allows the person trying to reach you to specify a subject for the call so that you can determine the importance of that call to you, before deciding to take it. 

Two other big changes include:

  1. on install, Talk-Now can now identify other BlackBerry owners in your address book so that you can invite them if you'd like.
  2. Talk-Now also automatically adds missed calls to your Waiting to Talk to Me list allowing you to queue them up for a return call.

 So go ahead, and go to www.iotum.com/blackberry to sign up.  As always, the software is free of charge. Download it, invite some friends, and start enjoying the benefits of talking to the people you need to, when you need to, rather than their voice mail.

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