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FON and Time Warner link up

It looks as if FON has hit the jackpot with a distribution deal with Time Warner. Time Warner will let its home broadband users turn their connections into WiFi hotspots.  They hope to provide cost effective WiFi hotspots for consumers who just want to check email, or do a little casual surfing.

FON USA CEO Joanna Rees has been widely quoted as saying that they're going to take a shot at the T-Mobile hotspot service, but it seems unlikely to me.  Business users, especially travellers, use these hotspots in airports and at coffee shops where (a) the franchise is already locked up by T-Mobile and (b) there aren't any residential broadband users waiting to donate their bandwidth.

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  • vic April 23, 2007, 10:24 pm

    i don't know the specifics of how FON works, but from what I lightly read, the person sharing their broadband may be able to make some money off of sharing their connection, I think. It's supposedly widely used in some parts of Europe and the deal with Time Warner legitimizes them a bit in America. I won't say I'll be looking to go through FON's services, but I'll be sure to keep an eye on them.

  • comcaster April 25, 2007, 7:48 am

    Time-Warner Fon sounded like a cool deal to me. Instead of trying to
    repress wifi/cable, they joined. It seems to be a while before WIMAX
    flourishes. Comcast has a lot of cable in the ground. Would like to
    see something like this deal with Comcast. Actually, Comcast should
    make use of its cable and broadcast access points in each neighborhood from
    the telephone pole. That way they can offer it all from mobile phone
    to hdtv and internet access (was too expensive now). By the way, what
    is this with a vonage offering when Skype continues to work just as
    well? Neighborhood access point. Perhaps Google should buy comcast
    and make this dream come true. 148bln buying 86bln company. Otherwise
    wait them out and leave all the cable buried for archeologists to dig up in
    20 years.

  • john December 4, 2007, 1:27 am

    Any company that teams up w/ time warner hit the jackpot. They are a force in the high speed industry. http://best-t1-line.com

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