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N95 Spring Snapshots

One of the things I discovered while shooting photos yesterday was that I had somehow managed to accumulate some dirt on the CCD of my Nikon camera.  Apparently this is an occupational hazard with Digital SLRs… remove the lens, and there’s a strong likelihood that you will, at some point, get some muck inside the camera.  I took it in to be serviced yesterday afternoon, after having been told not to attempt this myself.  Damaged CCD = ruined camera.

That meant that I was left with the wonderful Nokia N95 smartphone when these two photo opportunities presented themselves yesterday.

Here are two of the four new residents we found hidden in our canoe, which had overwintered outside. Their mother was nearby, and none too happy when we turned the canoe over.  She promptly moved the family elsewhere.

This old barn has the most amazing wooden silo.  It looks as if it’s about to fall over at any moment, but it’s been there for the past six years we’ve lived in Manotick.  The sun happened to be low in the sky, just before sunset, as I was walking by, and it made a pretty nice picture.

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