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VoIP is hard… who'd a thunk it?

Does anyone remember when it was hard to set up the internet on a PC?  The bad old days of installing a TCP/IP stack, configuring IP addresses for gateways, and DNS servers, and then using gopher to browse to your favorite sites? That's where we are with VoIP.  And Forrester, bless their hearts, have just published a report to tell us that VoIP needs to get easier

According to the study, only 8 percent of European Internet users familiar with VoIP actually tried this service. This small percentage is comprised most of highly educated, tech savvy males looking for newest and coolest technology. Of this group, only 4 percent opted to use VoIP for their private calls and 3 percent bailed out.

Celebrate the geeks in your life, friends.  Celebrate the geeks! 

Kudos to my friends at Jajah, Gizmo, Sightspeed and Hullo who all get cited for having recognized that VoIP is hard, and for doing something about it.  I'm surprised that the Forrester team missed Truphone, however. 

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  • André August 22, 2007, 2:03 am

    Hullo seems to be offline. Are they still around?

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