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$250 million? Horse hockey.

Overstating a position always carries a risk.  The risk is that you might get called on it.

AT&T lobbyist Jim Cicconi is suggesting that Iowa RLEC's free calling schemes could cost the company a quarter billion dollars per year. Let's look at the facts. 

  • There are a few more than 150 Iowa RLECs. 
  • AT&T is suing exactly five of them in court. 
  • Seven of the RLECs affected by AT&T's bully tactics have gotten together and counter-sued… for $10 million in lost revenues.  That represents about 4 months of revenue. 

So, what's the story Jim?  Let me guess… you're playing nice with the other 140 or so companies that are really costing you over $200 million, 'cause the guys you've filed suit against sure aren't.

A lawyer would describe Jim's statements as "unsubstantiated".  That's a polite way of saying "what a load of bull".

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