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Three worthwhile pieces on "Presence"

The value of presence is one of those topics that gets lots of debate.  Three recent examples that I'd like to draw your attention to include:

  • Gary Kim's Why "Presence" is Coming, which appears in IP business.  Gary runs through a dollars and sense analysis of why presence technologies are valuable to business, including providing data about who uses mobile devices in an organization.  He quotes Cap Gemini's John Parkinson talking about their study of mobile usage patterns, and paints a clear picture of what presence technologies could mean. 
  • In The Absense of Mobile Presence is Really Useful Matt Lambert notes that allowing people to deduce the fact that he is mobile from the away indicator on his desktop presence has already resulted in fewer, but more valuable mobile conversations for him.  He argues that presence tools, especially mobile presence tools, need to convey that information. 
  • Ken Camp in turn argues the case for richer presence, in his piece The Personality of Presence.  He notes that many different variables drive our decision making processes, more information is better, and heuristics will drive these decision making processes in the future. 

They all point to a future of rich and intelligent presence tools — the "New Presence".  They all argue, indirectly, for a common presence cloud as well.  Else how could you extend enterprise presence to mobile devices, or non-employees like customers and suppliers?

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