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DST: Six months to fix the problem

The changes to the start and end of daylight savings time have been anything but smooth here. Of course I applied all the patches provided by the various manufacturers.  As expected, basics like getting clocks to move ahead at various times worked pretty well.  However, synchronizing calendars has been anything but a picnic, and I'm not the only one who experienced problems either.

  • For the past week, my BlackBerry calendar has been one hour out of synch with my Outlook calendar.  Add a meeting to the PC, and it would appear one hour earlier on the BlackBerry.  Add one to the berry, and it would appear one hour later on the PC.  On Saturday, despite the fact that the berry was synchronized to carrier network time, the clock was one hour off the whole day.
  • Thursday night I chatted with Andy Abramson, who was griping that calendar entries made in Entourage were synching one hour out of step with Google Calendar's shared calendar.  It had caused all kinds of problems scheduling meetings with clients and press people for him.

Yesterday morning, when the old DST change would have kicked in, my BlackBerry problems went away.  Hooray.  Now everyone has six months to fix the problems before the time changes again.

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  • Dave Siegel April 3, 2007, 7:45 am

    My T-mobile Dash with Goodmail is still running an hour behind, and a DST patch was supposedly pushed to it.

    I just got notified of a goodmail maintenance happening in the near future in the goodmail servers…maybe a fix is on the way…

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