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US Falls to Seventh Place Innovator

The BBC is reporting this morning that the World Economic Forum has said that the US has lost its position as the worlds primary engine of technology innovation.  A cluster of European nations, led by Denmark, has pushed America out of the #1 spot, to a distant #7.

Countries were judged on technological advancements in general business, the infrastructure available and the extent to which government policy creates a framework necessary for economic development and increased competitiveness

What's up?

Well, the writing has been on the wall for well over a decade.  

The annual battle with Congress over H1 visas takes place against a backdrop of short sighted politicians arguing that "US jobs should stay in the US", while resource starved technology companies sound the alarm that they need more people to be competitive. US schools aren't training people with the needed skills to supply tech companies, and Congress is unwilling to allow those skills to be imported. Ultimately Microsoft, as an example, established an Indian development center, because it became impossible to bring more Indians to the US. 

On the infrastructure front, the US lags Europe in wireless networks, and other parts of the world in high speed networks.  It's unbelievable, isn't it, that in the place where many of these technologies were invented, they are not universally available.

And you know what, Canadian readers?  Compared to the US, Canada is even more backward, lacking easy access to early stage capital resources, lagging the world (not just the US) in wireless adoption, and with backward infrastructure monopolies.

Hmmm… my mum's Danish.  Perhaps I should be applying for an EU passport.

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  • MatthewS March 29, 2007, 6:43 pm

    Even with Mum being Danish, getting a Danish passport would be very difficult. However, because of Dad, you could get your British passport in a snap.

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