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Vlipping Out

The folks at SightSpeed have just released a pretty cool, and pretty quirky website.  Vlip.com lets you quickly record video clips, or Vlips.  You can post them, watch other people’s Vlips, and reply as well. Billed as video blogging for the rest of us, it has the feel of Speakers Corner translated for the internet age; a democratization of the television camera, if you will.

Here’s what a Vlip looks like:

Interestingly enough, there are a number of these instant video sites out there today. For instance, the folks at Blogtv.ca have been pitching me on their site for several months now. Their concept? You can record your own live show and broadcast it to the net. There’s a pretty reasonable selection of videos there now, including some unusual ones like the woman who has recorded the whole process of getting a tattoo. Like Vlip, Blogtv.ca shows are easily recorded and uploaded using your webcam.

Neat stuff. It’s certainly easier than recording video using a camcorder, although you forego any post production to gain that ease-of-use.

I wish Peter Csathy and the Sightspeed team luck with this.

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