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Last days in Mexico

Did you know that Winston Churchill and his wife took separate vacations — he to paint (preferably at a beach), and she on tour?  Well, we don’t take separate vacations, but certainly by the time Thursday of last week rolled around we were all ready for a little relief from touring around.  So, we shopped.  Guyaberas (the ubiquitous shirt worn by Meridano’s), panama hats, table cloths, soccer shirts, and more.  We had a great time.

We also ate and drank!  Ice cream at Colon (a 100 year old ice cream parlor on the square), exotic fruit juices at Jugo de California, Yucatecan specialties like Pollo Pibil and Pok Chuc at the Main Street Restaurant.  In the evenings, we also ate at Pancho’s (good food, awesome mojito’s), and Vino y Pane (poor Italian, to be avoided).  Best deal on a breakfast buffet?  The Colonial Hotel — $6 for adults, $4 for kids buys you all you can eat fruit, pastries, eggs cooked to order, juice and Mexican specialities.

Part way through the day we ran into our friend the saw player again, and this time I caught him on video using our Sony HDR-SR1 camcorder.  The original is in high definition, so this streamed video doesn’t quite do it justice. 

Finally, Friday morning we packed up and hit the road back to Cancun, for one more day at the beach. This is the view of the pool and ocean, shot with a Nokia N93 cameraphone, from the lobby of the wonderful Royal Sands where we were booked to stay. 

An unfortunate screw up resulted in them renting our beach front villa to someone else, so we were forced to stay at another resort — the Royal Islander.

Beach, dinner, margaritas, and one last sunrise the next day, which I caught on the N93, clamped into the tripod accessory you can get with it.  Apologies for the wind noise, but it was quite windy!

Then off to the airport.  It was a zoo!  Despite getting there more than two hours ahead of time, and the fabulous help of the very efficient Mexican team at the airport, we got to the gate just as final boarding was announced over the PA.

From Cancun, we flew to Philadelphia, then on to Ottawa.  I caught these pictures out the window of the airplane on the final leg, just as the sun was going down. The location of the plane, between two layers of cloud, creates a very dramatic effect.  Both taken with a Nokia N80i cameraphone.


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