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Major Update to iotum Talk-Now

Since the first release of iotum Talk-Now, we've been cranking out new releases on a bi-weekly schedule.   However, it's been roughly three weeks since the last update, and the reason is that we've put all kinds of new goodness into the application. 

We've been listening hard to our community of Talk-Now users, and have heard three big pieces of feedback in the last month.

  1. Initially, we envisioned Talk-Now as an application that would allow you to create a "to-call" list, and that you would add the people you needed to speak with to your list and then be notified when they became available.  We heard loud and clear that the "call list" model didn't serve all your needs.  You needed to be able to see quickly if people were available without having to go through the extra step of adding them to a list.
  2. We've always looked at presence models as mostly about reflecting available, or not available information.  A lot of folks told us that there was a third state that they would like to see implemented — interruptable.  "Yes, I'm busy, but I can take a call for something important."
  3. Some people stumbled when confronted with the initial setup process.  Our wizard, which was designed for our call processing applications, needed a refresh to reflect the world of Talk-Now.  In addition, many people wanted to run the setup wizard directly from the BlackBerry.

So,  without further ado, here is the new iotum Talk-Now. 

To address the need to be able to quickly see who is available, we've created a Contacts list, which shows every one of your contacts that is also a Talk-Now user.  Now you can see, at a glance, who's available, without the extra step of having to add that person to a special list.  If you need to be notified when that person becomes available, there's now a special Notify Me list that lets you be notified when the people you need to speak with become available. 

In addition to the existing green (free), and red (busy) states, we've also added a yellow state to indicate busy, but interruptable. The way it works is simple.   You designate specific people as VIPs, which grants them the privilege to interrupt you, and see additional information about what you're doing. Now your trusted contacts  have the necessary information to make a decision about whether to interrupt or not. 

And finally, we've completely revamped our setup wizard so that if can be run on the BlackBerry handheld directly.  Simpler, and easier, it also removes any requirement to go to your PC for setup. 

The iotum team has worked hard on these updates for the last three weeks, including all last weekend.  We hope you find them useful, tell your friends about Talk-Now, and most of all, keep the feedback coming.

New users can download the new version by visiting www.iotum.com/blackberry.  Existing users can choose the menu item "check for updates" from within the Talk-Now application on your BlackBerry, or by navigating to  www.iotum.com/downloads/blackberry/talk-now.jad using the BlackBerry browser.

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  • Thomas Howe March 6, 2007, 12:41 pm

    Alec –

    Any chance you've got a public API to read/set the contact lists and presence state? It would be pretty cool to make HTML badges and stuff like that.


  • Alec March 6, 2007, 3:03 pm

    On the roadmap! We've had several requests for it.


  • Sandeep Sahai March 7, 2007, 8:27 am

    Well, not sure whether this will enhance or give new dimension to telecom services.
    What i feel right now is added new feature like presence will not help. Infact adding new domain into telecom will help.

    For example, when entertaintment industry joined hands with telecom, a whole new industry is created.
    Similarly innovation and ideas should be focus on how to bring yet another industry in circumference of Telecom domain, may be Health or may be finance…

    Good Luck Alec

  • Frank March 7, 2007, 9:42 am

    Cingular's Push to Talk provides this already, although only within the PTT environment; and only for others with the Cingular PTT service.

    Have you seen/used? It uses little emoticons to indicate presence and availability…

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