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Sangoma hits a home run in Q2

Congratulations are due to the team at Sangoma Technologies.  They had an excellent quarter, reporting a 200% increase in EPS, and sales which increased 95% from the previous year. 

With rare exceptions, I don't write about corporate financial performance. So, why highlight Sangoma?

  1. They are a very rare publicly traded member of the Asterisk ecosystem.  Potentially they are a bellweather for the health of that marketplace overall.  After all, they sell one of the most basic building blocks that everyone in that sector depends on — line cards.
  2. There has been much speculation about the health of Asterisk creator Digium.  Digium makes most of their money from selling the same types of products that Sangoma sells.  If Sangoma is healthy, it's likely that Digium may be too.

Nice job, Mr. Mandelstam.

Q2 2006-2007 Q2 2005-2006 Increase
Sales $1.8 Million $0.92 Million 95%
Net income before provision for income taxes $0.78 Million $0.26 Million 200%
Net earnings $0.5 Million $0.17 Million 194%
Net earnings per share: $0.018 $0.006 200%

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