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… in San Francisco

…but I've now arrived at Etel.  Travel, followed by a stream of meetings at the Marriott yesterday, meant no blogging, and an early night to bed.  Judging by the stream of "telephony geeks" walking through the doors yesterday afternoon, however, the show promises to be well worth it.

One of the themes that's been emerging in my conversations with people is what I will call the "what is a phone" discussion.  Smart guy Brad Templeton carries a very basic cellular phone — no cameras, media players, and so on.  I like a phone with bells and whistles, hence my fondness for BlackBerry and also the Nokia N-Series phones.  My dinner companions last night, Ken Camp and John Todd, exhibited a similar dichotomy.  Ken's a gadget-hound like me.  John asks "what is it supposed to be — a phone or a camera?". 

For what it's worth, this photo of Ken and John was taken with a camera… not a phone.

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