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Angel.com's presence driven personal assistant

I'm rooting for the team at Angel.com.  They've submitted an entry into the O'Reilly and StrikeIron Mashup contest coming up at ETel next week, combining their IVR with the iotum Relevance Engine.  They've built a person assistant using the intelligence of the Relevance Engine on the back-end.  The description I received in email says:

The Demo Line calls the actual PA and impersonates a specific persona so that you can get a live experience from a friend’s, coworker’s, client, or and unknown person’s view point.

The interactions are completely customizable and the PA checks real time contacts and presence information to direct the caller experience.

The PA has the following features:

  1. Personalized Call Flow, highly customized voice user interface (VUI), easy of setup and use
  2. Outlook Calendar Integration – so that your personal assistant knows when you are busy, in a meeting
  3. Schedules – so your personal assistant knows then you are away from the office at home
  4. Real time presence – so that your personal assistant knows when you are on your computer, on your blackberry, or not around at all

In a similar fashion to iotum Talk-Now using the presence information contained in the Relevance Engine to present availability information via a BlackBerry handset, Angel is using that information via a pure voice interface. You call the person, and depending on relationship and context, the call is handled via the IVR.

Slick!  We'll know later today whether they're one of the three finalists.

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  • anonymous February 23, 2007, 6:19 am

    CTI enabled Call Center solutions have been able to do this sorta stuff for the last 6-8 years!!
    How is this new?

    In a true CTI enabled contact center world,
    1. a caller to the contact center could be greeted by a speech enabled IVR
    2. caller navigates using natural speech. Asks for help by saying "agent" or "operator" etc.
    3. CTI checks for agent availability
    4. If agent is not available, caller could continue getting self service help or be redirected to a secondary agent or a supervisor.

    In most contact centers that use sophisticated work force management solutions, there is a capablity for knowing an agent's schedule (similar to calendering).

  • Alec February 23, 2007, 6:35 am

    This isn't a call center solution, for starters. It's a personal assistant — that means it knows where you are, how to reach you, and what you're doing. If it's important for you to take a call, the software will send the call to your cell phone. Secondly, it understands the relationship you have with each individual caller. If you call in, the system identifies you and handles your call appropriately. And finally, it works with all of the apps you use now — you just add contacts to outlook, manage your calendar during the day the way you always would, go to meetings, etc. and the Angel / iotum combo does the "right thing" with every caller.

  • Ahmed Bouzid February 23, 2007, 8:08 am

    Angel.com is submitting a couple other mash-ups you may want to check out. Here is one that lets you build a library of RSS feeds and web services that you can then access over the phone: http://www.ispeakit.com

    I will get info on the other one and post it later.

  • anonymous February 23, 2007, 12:24 pm


    Agreed it is not call center solution. An example I threw out there to indicate that these things exist and are only now making inroads into enterprise unified communications

    A PA system similar to this already existed. Priority Call Management – Andy Ory's (currently CEO of AcmePacket) previous venture did that. You called into it and spoke to the virtual PA, the Virtual PA then went and looked for you at your work number, alternate number, home, cell etc.
    It was not presence based but it integrate to schedules and such.

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