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Privacy and Prejudice.

Over on the Skype Journal, Jim Courtney has written a blockbuster post titled Privacy and Prejudice: An Interruption 2.0 Manifesto for the AlwaysOn Lifestyle.  Based on his experiences using a variety of Always-On / Always-Connected devices over the last couple of months, this piece is a clarion call for a simpler user experience, and for the industry to deliver the tools to help us retain our privacy in this environment.  He concludes with:

Bottom line: I want to be able to participate in the conversations essential to my lifestyle and my business operations – when, where and how I choose. And the service(s) of choice will only rise above the noise (and become a revenue generator) when I can take back control of my life – through a focus on restoring my privacy and my prejudices to my communications activity.

Must read.

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