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Calling the kettle black

Writing as a guest for the BBC, Ottawa Law Professor Michael Geist does a good job at poking holes in the latest broadside from the US copyright lobby.   What I am referring to, of course, is last week’s release by the IIPA lobby group of their latest “Blacklist” of international copyright villains.  They accuse Canada, and it turns out most of the western world, of not taking adequate steps to safeguard intellectual property.  Yet most of the very things that the IIPA wants the rest of the world to implement have legal exceptions in the US granted by fair use, legal exceptions allowing home use of taped televison broadcasts, or other laws.

Just as the MPAA was recently exposed as a software pirate, so it’s clear that the IIPA doesn’t have its own house in order on this issue. Emboldened by early successes like the draconian DMCA, the US copyright lobby is now being exposed as an extremist fringe group, out of step with their own laws and the rest of the world.

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