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Enslaved by your Blackberry?

In Survey: Blackberry owners chained to work, Ars Technica writer Jacqui Cheng reports on SRG’s new Digital Life America study on the ‘Always On’ culture.  A third of the 1600 people surveyed said “Yes” when asked if Blackberry, and devices like it, chain you to work.  A third were neutral, and a further third disagreed.   Interestingly, 46% agreed with the statement that “Technology like email and cellphones give people more time to do the things they like”.

Confusing and inconclusive.

The only really conclusive results from the research was that Blackberry users actually did work more.

Regardless of how users felt, though, survey results showed that those who owned a BlackBerry were, in fact, more likely to work long hours than those who didn’t. 19 percent of BlackBerry-owning survey respondents reportedly worked more than 50 hours a week, compared to only 11 percent of the general population. A higher percentage of BlackBerry owners also felt that they didn’t have enough personal time in their lives—53 percent, compared to the 40 percent average. Finally, the average household income of BlackBerry owners was nearly 50 percent higher than the national average, at about $94,000, indicating that those who own BlackBerry-like devices may share some more overachieving (or is that overworking?) personality traits.

We’re an over achieving bunch, aren’t we?  Now… back to email.

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  • Crazy me August 27, 2008, 10:50 am

    I have had my hands on the Blackberry Bold and it fits nicely into the hand. I think you will all find it a lot thinner then it looks in the photos, I work for vodafone myself and have been holding out for a new smart photo, Form me it was between the Samsung i900 and the Bold. We got the i90o the other day and as good as it looks and its spec kida matches the bold. The Windows OS and slowed it rite down. Yes the i900 has the 5mp camera but you can only open the cam applications once everything else is shut down otherwise it does not have enough system memory. As always Windows Mobile's ways of making it hard to shut down applications have spoilt i good looking high spec device. The blackberry bold has the capability to open and edit Microsoft Documents while running the BB OS that we all know it quick. BB virgins should not be put off by using a different OS as this is fantastic and after a few days you will never go back. The Bold should be in Vodafone stores on 4th September.
    For people in USA and Canada whom want to buy it now.it is available online too have seen a deal on
    it is a sim free and unlocked version, mean no restriction for using it with any network.

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