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iotum an interesting startup, says VoIP-News

There’s nothing better than seeing your company’s name in print.  VoIP-News released their list of the 25 “most interesting” VoIP startups, and iotum made the list.  Huzzah!  Here’s what they had to say:


When the phone rings, who is it? Is the caller scheduled to be part of a teleconference? Has the person called three times this hour? Is the caller your boss, or someone else who ought to override your Do Not Disturb feature?

Iotum, a VoIP service on the Asterisk platform, tries to define the relevance of a VoIP call as it arrives at your desk.

Iotum is worth watching because the company has just released Talk-Now, a next-generation product for the Blackberry. IT’s potentially revolutionary because it lets users share their availability with some, but not all of their contacts, and eliminates phone tag by allowing users to know when the people they need to talk to are available to take their calls.

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