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WorxBox looks promising

WorxBox is …

The Asterisk Server with the Worx®! The goal of the Worxbox® project is to provide a production quality Open-Source Unified Communications Server that’s easy to build, configure and manage. WorxBox® installs all the software needed to deploy a fully functional Asterisk® based PBX and creates a basic configuration which can then be easily optimized to meet the requirements of almost any business.

WorxBox® is a no-compromise, next-generation phone system that can scale to support several hundred users, but it doesn’t stop there. Worxbox® also integrates Asterisk® with a comprehensive suite of supporting and complementary web, messaging, networking and business productivity modules. In fact, for many small businesses Worxbox® may be the only server they need!

Learn more here.  And if you’re so inclined, make a contribution.  I am sure Jeremy would welcome the support.

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