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Feedburner geotagging

Yesterday, Feedburner dropped a russian language advertisement into my feed. Not knowing what it was, I hesitated at first to approve it.  However I did.  Today, email arrived with an explanation.

Howdy! Earlier today, you received notification of a new ad at FeedBurner. Unlike other ads, this ad was different. As in can’t-read-it different.

Yep. It was in Russian.

No doubt some of you saw that and said, “Wow. They must love me in Leningrad” and approved the ad without further thought. But most of you, if you’re like us, said, “Umm… Russian?”

Here’s the thing: we quietly rolled out a new capability about 6 weeks ago that allows advertisers to geo-target their ads. Once the advertiser selects the regions where they want to advertise, only people in those regions will see the ads. Pretty cool.

So… we have a new advertiser, for whom we’re doing a bit of a test. They wanted to advertise to tech-savvy individuals in Russia, and hard as this is to believe, we don’t have a ton of tech publishers in Russia. (Yes, we’re working on it.) So we’re trying out the geo-targeting campaign by running their ad across our technology network, but geo-targeted so that only people in Russia will see it.

The only glitch here is that when we trafficked the ad, the Monetize dashboard doesn’t show you that an ad is geo-targeted. So seeing a Russian-language ad can be a bit jarring. So consider this both an announcement of a new feature as well as a head’s up that in the very near future, the approval wizard will have a designation that lets you know when an ad is geo-targeted.

Cool!  I’d love to have a translation of the ad before I approve it, though.


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  • steve olechowski February 10, 2007, 7:56 pm

    Hi Alec –

    I'm not sure exactly what t ad says (there are actually 3 versions if you look closely) – but the advertiser is softkey.ru – who is probably most like paypal here in north america. They are a very legit company that handles payments for ecommerce sites, and are actually one of our partners.

    That's a good piece of feedback, however!


  • Randy Charles Morin February 11, 2007, 3:49 pm

    Very interesting. You have to wonder how many impressions they'll get.

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