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Check out the Asterisk Cookbook for great Asterisk recipes

I was introduced yesterday, to a terrific resource for Asterisk developers being built by the O’Reilly team.  The Asterisk Cookbook is a wiki for requesting and researching solutions to Asterisk development problems.  In the future, the editorial team will select a subset of the recipes contributed, which will become a print book from the O’Reilly Press.  From the Wiki itself, here are a few words on how it is organized:

  • Solutions Needed: Tasks that you want to solve, but can’t. If we can, we’ll write the recipe and include it in the cookbook.
  • The Recipe Heap:: Tasks that you’ve solved, and you’ve written up a solution for. We’ll edit these, and organize them into The Asterisk Cookbook itself. If we select your recipe for the printed cookbook, you’ll be credited and paid a nominal pittance. Specifically: if your recipe is used in the print version of the cookbook, we’ll give you a complementary copy of the finished cookbook and two books of your choice. Of course, decisions about which recipes to include in the cookbook are completely up to O’Reilly Media and the cookbook’s primary authors.
  • The Asterisk Cookbook: Here is where the book itself is taking shape. This is not where new submissions should go. We will add recipes in here when they are ready to form part of the book. This does not mean that the recipe has to be perfect, but rather that it’s role within the whole has been understood. For the most part, the principal authors and editors will be involved in this
  • Extra Recipes: Recipes that do not make the cut for the book itself are not necessarily bad or unworthy, but might be of interest to too small an audience, or might just not fit with any of the sections in the book. The thing is, we don’t want these to go to waste, so we’re going to put them here, and we’ll see how this section shapes up. Who knows, perhaps we’ll come up with a completely different cookbook, such as “Extra Spicy Asterisk Cookbook”, or “Fun Asterisk Recipes”, or whatever.
  • Way cool!  If you’re interested in Asterisk, go check it out.

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