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Self-righteous Cisco hoisted… on their own petard

It’s always dangerous to make accusations when your own house isn’t quite in order.  Jim Courtney has uncovered a couple of very similar trademarks.  PDT has a mark called VoIPVoice for their pioneering line of VoIP hardware.  The logo Cisco displays on the CD for their Linksys product lines is very similar, right down to the words VoIP Voice, displayed in a nearly identical layout.  The PDT logo is the one on the left. 

Two logos

Pretty similar, aren’t they?  So much so that you might be able to make the argument that one brand dilutes the other.  So who had the mark first?  Well, it turns out that PDT has been selling under this brand for nearly five years, and Cisco is the newcomer. 

I’m no lawyer. If I were PDT, though, I’d be seeking some legal advice. 

If I were Cisco I’d be a little embarrassed about the self-righteous stance I’d taken with Apple… “The action we have taken today is about not using people’s property without permission”, said Cisco when asked about the Apple iPhone lawsuit. 

Unh hunh?  Sure.

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