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Jajah Buttons

Yesterday’s Jajah Web Mobile announcement overshadowed another, and perhaps even more interesting announcement.  The company rolled out Jajah Dynamic Web Buttons in beta.  It brings the combination of click-to-call and presence to a web widget that you can install on any web page.  From the website:

– Buttons allow you to make yourself available without compromising your privacy.

– They work independently from phone numbers, location or email address.
User can change his contact specific in the JAJAH preferences.

– Users can have multiple buttons for multiple purposes/audiences

– Buttons eliminate the need for extra email addresses. Since your email
address is private and non-visible to viewers, you can use a single address
for multiple types of interaction.

– User can create an email signature that enables managed communication

– With Buttons you are able to block specific people from contacting him.

– User can set the time he allows / accepts calls. For example, a person
can specify that he be called between certain hours but at other hours, only
be reached via sms or voice mail.

Single phone number, single email address, all under control of a single console.  It’s a very iotum-like concept, but without the contextual inputs that we provide.

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