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DemoCamp 12: Slam Poetry for Geeks

DemoCamp is coooool.  It’s slam poetry for geeks.  10 minutes to show your product, no props, no powerpoint… just you and the product.  At the end, questions and critique from your peers. Yee ha!  I think I like it even better than the original BarCamp format.

At DemoCamp 12 in Toronto last night, there were short presentations from:

  1. Dave Humphrey, who talked about open source and education.  Really, what Dave did was to show off a whole bunch of his students great work extending Mozilla.   He’s proud of their work, and deservedly so.
  2. Albert Lai, who gave a short Bubbleshare demo, and then answered questions about the acquisition of Bubbleshare by Kaboose.
  3. Me, and I gave a speedy demo of Talk-Now.  Hearty applause, and questions about business model.  “How are you going to make money”, people asked, when I told them it was free.  Our model is going to be to attach other premium services, but Talk-Now will be free to use, and people will get tons of value from it.
  4. Will Pate, who demoed (or attempted, anyway) to demo Flock, the browser being built on Mozilla with extra blogging and search tools built-in.  Lesson #1: Browsers are hard to demo when you have a flaky internet connection

And then there were numerous updates from previous demoers, as well as a lot of people simple standing up to say “Hey, we’re hiring”.  Oh, and did I mention beer?  Yeah… geeks, beer, and demoes.  It’s a rippin’ combination.

Kudos to David Crow, Jay Goldman, and Joey Devilla.  DemoCamp 12 drew a capacity crowd, and no doubt these three instigators played a key role.

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