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Tom Howe weighed in over the weekend on this whole debate around where the Voice 2.0 apps are.  Aside from the very nice things he had to say about iotum, his view is worth reading.  He says:

I believe that the real game for Voice 2.0 is the integration of voice into the business process. Businesses want to do it because it saves them money with a more efficient process and fewer staffing requirements. Customers want to do it because it means better customer service. There’s no education requirements for the customer. No habituation. All the customer sees is that text message on their cell phone saying the plane at 4PM is canceled, and when they press the send button, the operator answers the phone saying “I’ve booked a seat on the 5 PM flight, Mr. Howe, if that’s OK with you.” And that would be OK with me. And the people who write the web sites for Jet Blue will use Phone Gnome, and that’s where the Web 2.0 developers are.

Nailed it.  You can read the full text of the article on Tom’s blog. 

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