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Mixpo: a multimedia tool for the rest of us

Earlier this year, my friend Anupam Gupta left his position with MSN to join startup Mixpo. I’ve been waiting to find out what they’re up to ever since. Mixpo is a personal publishing tool that lets you manage video, photos, and music across multiple sites, right from your desktop.  Imagine YouTube combined with easy-to-use editing and content creation tools. Exciting, no?

Mixpo debuted at DEMO this week.  I give full marks to their demonstrator.  The internet was obviously not cooperating with them during the demo, but he stayed cool despite the fact that the demo was close to crash and burn several times. You can still get the flavor of their product, but perhaps the best way to find out about it is to simply go and try it, which is what I did. 

The good news is that Mixpo really is as easy as they say.  It has the feel of many of the other storyboard based editing tools out there.  You basically drop your media elements into a timeline, and then add voice overs and audio.  Publishing a Mixcard is as simple as any other video sharing site.  Either tell Mixpo to publish to a specific URL, or grab the snippet of embedded code they provide, and stick into your blog or website directly.

Even better, though, is that you can simply go back and re-edit later.  Change the storyboard, or the audio line, and boom!  It’s automatically replicated to all the places that the you’ve published. That’s a key difference between this tool and any of the sites like YouTube that simply share video.  

I like it.  Nice job guys!

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