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BBHub to cease publication

From the BBHub site:

For a variety of strategic reasons, AOL is consolidating several “niche,” topic-specific blogs into some of its most popular blogs with daily readership totals that would make your eyes pop.

BBHub is one of those blogs.

Effective at the end of the day tomorrow, BBHub will cease publication of new entries. But we are not going away. The full, nearly 5,000-post BBHub archive will still be readily available at BBHub.com. Additionally, AOL will certainly will not be slacking off on our coverage of BlackBerry, the exciting new models on the way, the third-party BlackBerry software we know you are interested in, as well as what the company that makes BlackBerry- Research In Motion- is up to.

I’m dying to know more.  Where will BBHub go?

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  • Garrett Smith February 1, 2007, 7:10 pm

    Alec, I think it will be integrated into EngadgetMobile…Weblogs Inc has this thing about closing any blog that does not generate 1 Million page views per month. It is a “business strategy” to kill off the weak in order to maintain high CPM advertising rates.

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