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Where ARE the Voice 2.0 Developers?

David Beckemeyer asks “Where are all the Voice 2.0 developers?”  Indeed. 

The PhoneGnome platform has an open API which can be used by developers to plug directly into the call-path.  TellMe has used it this way, as has iotum.  But as David notes: “We keep hearing that it’s time to sell on features rather than price but we see little evidence that anybody is really doing that.”

There is reason to be optimistic, however.  Carriers do seem to be getting the message, albeit slowly.  Just this past week I’ve chatted with one carrier who considers the application market exciting, but early.  Over the past month I’ve had several conversations with service providers who acknowledge that their future is in applications.  The difficult part is weaning the paying public off tolls, especially as the cost of carriage falls. 

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