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SPIT to make up 70% of calls?

BusinessWeek reports that NEC has been raising the alarm on spam over VoIP, otherwise known as SPIT (spam on Internet Telephony).  Some estimates place the potential volume of SPIT as high as 40% to 70% of all calls. 

iotum, of course, was engineered with this in mind. A trivial use case for the iotum Relevance Engine is to compare the incoming callers identity to a list of known callers, and simply block callers which are unknown. We have experienced a new kind of SPIT attack recently, however, which spoofs the caller ID with the users own extension number.  Someone has been leaving two and four minute long jokes in our voicemail boxes…   

SPIT levels may not reach the 70% levels that NEC is predicting, but those who claim that it isn’t an issue are deluding themselves.  It’s out there. 

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  • Aswath January 30, 2007, 9:08 pm

    It is time to force the carriers to inform as to the origin of the caller id information; after all the signaling protocol allows for carrying this information. In US, the Congress is considering a bill that declares spoofing of Caller ID to be illegal; but they are not considering the carrier to deliver the information they already have.

  • Alec January 31, 2007, 3:12 am

    I agree Aswath. I think the legal definition of spoofing will have to be carefully considered, however. After all, is it spoofing if I choose to change my outbound caller ID to another number which I also own?

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