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Get me a Kohler shower head… please!

Luca Fillighedu has spotted an interesting series of videos on Brightcove, from Kohler.  They’re all commercials, and Luca asks why you couldn’t just embed a link into the video (say a Sitofono link) to allow the viewer to get more information.  Exactly!  This is one of the flaws of video blogging, in my opinion.  The day is coming, however, where you will have live links embedded into video.

And after seeing the shower tile video, can you honestly say you don’t want one of these?  Wowsers!

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  • Peter Childs January 22, 2007, 1:03 pm

    I’d agree that objective of web promotion has to be more than moving you from a viral video to the corporate web site – it would be useful (and increase sales) if you could speak to someone about the product and service. Not only is it more immediate – it’s more compelling.

    It also seems to me that as the costs of voice drops to zero allowing users of a ecomerace sites to speak with each other may also improve sales. It’s about creating a shopping expereince that is social instead of about comparing features. price and delivery.

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