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TalkPlus Grand-Slam

TalkPlus announced a grand-slam selection of new features yesterday at CES.   These features are packaged up into a Basic and a Pro offering, as follows:

TalkPlus Basic Plan

The TalkPlus Basic Plan consists of the following features:

  • TalkPlus Number – Get a new, separate number on an existing mobile phone. Subscribers can both send and receive calls with it, so it works just like a regular mobile number.
  • Call Screening – Subscribers can easily screen calls by setting up rules like automatically sending callers to voicemail, to a busy signal, or to another phone number.
  • Advanced Voicemail – Every TalkPlus Number has a unique voicemail box, with special features that make it easy to find and manage voicemail.
  • Contact Center – The web-based TalkPlus Contact Center allows subscribers to easily manage their phonebook, review voicemail, and set up call screens.

TalkPlus Basic Plans start at less than $9 per month.

TalkPlus Pro Plan

TalkPlus Pro takes into account the complex lives and communications needs of busy professionals by providing multiple numbers and advanced features.

TalkPlus Pro subscribers receive the following additional features:

  • Multiple TalkPlus Numbers –Subscribers can get up to ten new numbers on their mobile phone, from area codes throughout the United States. All numbers will have their own voicemail and call history, and are easily accessible from a single mobile phone or web browser. Incoming calls through the TalkPlus service are announced and caller ID displayed, so subscribers can answer the phone appropriately or route the call to voicemail, a busy signal, or other responses depending on circumstances.
  • Mirror Numbers –Subscribers can clone a home or office number onto their mobile phone. This feature allows users to present an alternative caller ID when making calls. Up to ten Mirror Numbers can be added to one mobile phone.
  • Conference Calling – Subscribers can make up to 10-way conference calls directly from their mobile phone at low cost.

A good portion of their focus continues to be on using phone numbers creatively.  With their new mirror numbers (present any caller-ID you wish when making a call), and disposable numbers, they appear to be setting themselves up to compete with services like CraigsNumber and Jangl.  With VoiceMail, the Contact Center, and Conference Calling, though, perhaps their target is really the unified communications services like GrandCentral, or even bigger fish like the carriers who pay lip service to advanced services, but never deliver.

Makes you pause, doesn’t it?

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  • Jonathan Roberts January 9, 2007, 5:35 pm

    Could their call screening functionality utilize iotum? Sounds like a future relationship to me… :)

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