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Microsoft's top CES story: a server for home

A blog posting from my former manager, mentor and friend Charlie Kindel has held the top slop on Techmeme all day long.  You see, Charlie is the brains behind Microsoft’s new Windows Home Server, announced yesterday.  Congratulations buddy!  You deserve it.

Windows Home Server combines storage, streaming, network management, automatic backup and remote access in a single headless box for home.  It’s easily expandable, too, so that as your storage needs grow, it can accomodate them.

Speaking selfishly, I can hardly wait.  I’m one of the many who has cobbled together solutions like this over the years.  My current “home server” is an old PC with 250G of disk in it, tucked into my wiring closet in the basement, running headlessly.  Automatic backup is done by running Foldershare on all the PC’s that need to be backed up.  It’s not perfect, but it’s the best solution I’ve found to date.  A real solution is far preferable.

Judging by the torrent of postings in and around the net, a lot of others have similar opinions.  A server for the home as Microsoft’s top story out of CES?  Who would have guessed…

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