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What's a patent worth?

Well, in the EU, it’s worth about 3 million euros.  Axel Horn’s posting from November 16th is a summary of the high points of an EU Commission study on patents.  The median value for patents is around 300,000 euros, but a few very valuable patents skew the average much higher. The commission also argues for a more uniform patent regime across all EU member states.

I wonder what a patent is worth in North America, on average?  And given this kind of information, what’s the right amount to pay for a patent license?

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  • Audrey J Hales May 8, 2010, 4:15 pm

    I have a patent that has been left with me. I was looking to sell it and wondering how to find out how much it is worth. It’s a patent for an Electrode Holder And Eye Shield Combination For Electric Welding. The owner of the patent died.

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