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Thanks for your service, here's your parachute, please step carefully exiting the plane…

Do you remember the party purges of the old Soviet Union?  Take a big centralized bureaucracy, remove the leader (death, or whatever), and once the posturing, positioning and re-positioning was done, you’d get a new guy at the top, and a bunch of the old guys underlings were out of a job. 

Smells a lot like what’s going on a Bell South today.  Om Malik has the scoop on a whole mess of Bell South execs who are out of a job, now that the merger has gone through. Looks like Mark Feidler, and a bunch of his loyalists are no longer part of Ed Whitacre’s “ruling politburo”. 

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  • Jonathan Roberts January 4, 2007, 6:13 pm

    How many baby bells were created after the break-up of Ma Bell? I am thinking 6-8. Of those, we now have 3 together again. Oh yeah, this is a wise move!

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